Call For Submissions
III Edition of Brisk LA 2023

Morgan-Wixson Theatre
(August 4th - September 3rd 2023)

The Brisk Festival is an international theater festival that features short plays up to 10 minutes. What makes live theater so special is the human interaction, both between the players on stage and between the actors and the audience. Our festival multiplies that raw and creative energy: with different ensembles, directors and writers exchanging ideas, learning from each other and inspiring one another. Our short stories allow our audiences to experience in a very limited amount of time a wide range of emotions and feelings, encouraging them to ponder and explore different subjects and situations presented by our talented participants.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 2023. The Brisk Festival invites writers, ensembles, actors, directors and theater companies to submit 10-minute plays, scripts & talent for the 3rd Edition of LA Brisk Festival to be held in Santa Monica, California, at the Morgan-Wixson theater August 4th to September 3rd 2023. We expect to select 30 original short plays in English and 20 in Spanish from our open submission process to become a part of our official selection.

The 2nd Edition of the Brisk Festival LA wrapped this past May 1st 2022 with full houses and so much talent on the stage. 12 plays and 50 artists, participated in the English Finals, and, 9 plays and 27 artists, in the Spanish Finals at the Morgan-Wixson theater on April 30th and  May 1st, 2022. The festival production company Full Emotions and the director of the Festival, Christian Rodrigo, would love to thank everyone that made the II Edition possible, from participants, to audience, sponsors, team and volunteers. 



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The Brisk Festival believes in the magic and power that theater can bring to human beings. That’s why we like to celebrate our love of the stage with wonderful and talented artists who want to share their stories with our audiences.

We offer a unique opportunity for large audiences to enjoy a great number of short plays in the span of a few weeks in a wonderful theatrical environment. Our superb list of short plays in competition are chosen after a long selection process that encourages a variety of stories and artists. 

Theater allows us to connect with each other and awakens our senses and emotions. The Brisk Festival is driven by a dedicated, professional and motivated team charged with choosing a unique selection of short plays and a wonderful group of generous artists. Full Emotions, a multi-awarded production company with more than 12 years of experience in producing films, television and theater, proudly offers the Brisk Festival to give our audiences a marvelous and memorable stage experience.

Christian Rodrigo

Founder, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER& Festival Director

Our Festival Director and Brisk Festival Founder and Executive Producer, Christian Rodrigo, has been in the Entertainment Industry for the last 20 years. Christian Rodrigo is a Spanish actor and filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, with a background as a producer and director. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA, as well as the Actors Studio (Directors’ Unit & Play Development Unit), and the Cinema Academy of Catalonia.

He has worked as an actor in several films, TV shows, theater plays, music videos and commercials. He has, also, hosted several events and tv programs. As a producer, he also has an extensive career. He founded in Barcelona, Spain, his production company, Full Emotions SL, in 2007, and then, in 2019, in LA, CA, Full Emotions Inc.  With his production companies, he has produced several films some of them awarded internationally such as Wings or My Invisible Friend, commercials, music videos or TV Shows such as LA Confidential (that he also directed for Non Stop People). In 2013 he also founded his Acting Studio in Los Angeles, coaching actors from all over the world.

He is affiliated with The Actors’ Gang (actor and teacher), a Los Angeles theater company of which Tim Robbins is the artistic director. His first big project on stage was in 2004 as the Assistant Director of John Malkovich for the play Hysteria produced in Barcelona and Madrid. Additionally, he has a diverse and extensive experience as a Host, Photographer, Camera Operator, Director and Editor. He has directed other theater festivals too in the past.

Creatively applying his MBA from ESADE/ Emory, Christian has fused his business and artistic background and distinguished himself as a serious, dynamic filmmaker in films, music videos, commercials, television programs, theater and documentaries.

Christian and his team are very careful about giving a pleasant and superb experience to all of the participants and the audience members that come to support the Festival, and he is very thankful to be a part of the Festival.

Ramon Valdez

LA & MEX Producer

Ramon Valdez, LA & Mexico City Producer of the brisk festival, originally from Mexico, began his career as an actor in the telenovela “Las Grandes Aguas”. Without knowing that this project would become the beginning of a great career as an actor, participating on 25 telenovelas , 3 movies, 5 TV shows and more than 50 unitary programs.

Later he began his career as a producer and director of his first TV series, A2D3 falls, counting with first-rate actors such as Mario Zaragoza, Pedro Romo, Zuly Keith, among others. After this project, he opened his own production company in Los Angeles California, with which he has already been working on different projects. Then he produced four other TV shows and directed some of them Pamboleros, Los elegidos, Cryogenesis, and Limbo which entered into the pilot season 2013/2014 selection.

After that, he started to direct unitary programs about paranormal cases, and produced game programs such as Retofamosos, the Show of Lagrimita and Costel, and the Radio Awards Ceremony in 2014 that was broadcasted live nationally from the Nokia theater in Los Angeles.

These last years he’s been producing several TV commercials and music videos. It is also worth mentioning that he has a wide agenda and relationship with celebrities, and he is the Artistic Director of some TV programs from Estrella TV bringing guests to different shows improving the ratings of the network.

Right now he has an extensive list of TV shows and programs. He was also the producer of the first musical in Spanish produced in California, Burlesque the musical with Mrs. Olga Breeskin, in May 2015.

He is currently the content director of the TVC +Latino network in the city of Los Angeles California.

Javier Balderas


Javier Balderas is an actor, theater director, and storyteller. He is also the founder of the Telón Rojo theater company in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Javier has worked in Theater (Plays and Festivals), Radio (Chinchilauaz), and TV (Solo Hits, Chamos al Aire), storytelling, manipulation of scenic objects, lighting, and set design, costumes and makeup, backstage, theater production, and marketing.

He has worked as a Stage manager and lighting designer in different Productions and Festival such as Four (light and sound), Eva Peron de copí (light and sound), Orry Kelly (assistance stage manager/backstage), S+S Festival (stage manager/backstage), Brisk Festival (backstage manager).

He has participated as an actor in more than 30 theater productions in the US and Mexico and has directed different projects.

Vanessa Victoria


Fashion designer, costume designer, art director, creative writer and illustrator. Active since 2006, Vanessa is the cofounder of Nuvula, an independent, creative arts fashion brand and costume design atelier. Since its inception in 2007, Nuvula has focused on originality, on responsible manufacturing, and on environmental sustainability, including the rejection of any animal-based products. Working alongside her sister, Rebeca Victoria, Nuvula atelier merges original illustration and design, deriving inspiration from the seven arts. As a designer, Vanessa is forever traveling in time to epochs and decades past; oftentimes drawing on centuries’ old elements and vintage silhouettes, hybridizing them into the present to create a new era, a new vision of the past through reinvention. One of Nuvula’s missions is to reinvent what are known as the “staples” of fashion and wardrobe, deconstructing them and expanding their use. Reinvention, revision and innovation of lines, techniques, silhouettes and standards are the founding principles of Nuvula’s work. Theater, dance, film, the dramatic arts in general, have always been at the center of their work and inspiration, so much so that the first collections included reinvented T-shirts and dresses, proposed not necessarily as clothes but redefined as canvases for illustrated plays, presented in 3 acts and narrated through poetry. Vanessa has participated in a number of independent film projects, theater productions, music videos, commercials and large magazine editorials as a designer and art director, with various awards and magazine articles recognizing Nuvula’s designs and contributions to the industry. Their work has been featured in over 20 editorial spreads and has graced the covers of more than 5 fashion magazines. With an unusual professional background as a marine biologist, she focuses most of her artwork around the environment, with a particular interest on the ocean and the plastic crisis enveloping it.

Johnatan Tabares


Johnatan Tabares was born in Colombia, where he studied acting, vocalization, and diction, as well as complementary courses on character creation, casting, TV, Stanislavski, and Grotowski techniques. He has participated and starred in more than 40 plays in Colombia and  California. He also has participated in television series and tv programs for the Colombian networks Caracol, RCN, and Estrella TV in Los Angeles, California. And he has been the image of around 20 advertising campaigns.

In 2018, he directed and became an associate producer of the short film “Therapy”, which he previously directed for the stage. The film has been presented at different film festivals such as the New York Latino Film Festival, presented by the HBO network, the Baja California Film Festival, and the Panama Horror Film Festival.  It won the “Best Short Film” and “Audience Award” awards at the IV Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles. This film won the people’s choice award in the “Holyshorts Festival” at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. It was also the winner of the best foreign film at the ELCO Film Festival in Venezuela.

He also has been in charge of directing more than 26 music videos for production companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Rancho Humilde, La R Records,  JP Music, Wounded Enterprises.

Johnatan Tabares has just finished “Stop”, an independent project based on actual events, which he recently directed and will send a message to raise awareness about domestic violence among teenagers.

Karola Sanchez

LA Box office Manager

Karola Sanchez is an Spanish actress and psychologist based in LA. Before moving to LA she studied drama in NY at Susan Batson Studio, and in Madrid with Cristina Rota. She has performed in many commercials, at the LA Opera, movies and TV Shows, and most important of all, she participated at the Brisk festival LA on 2019, with the play “Afterlife Vacation”.

Lorena Ortiz


Hernan Jimenez


Hernan has more than 18 years of experience in the Audiovisual Industry, working for important Production Companies and as an Independent Filmmaker.

For the last 5 years, he has been living and working in the Los Angeles Area. And, with his own production company, Marimba Media Group, he has participated in different productions, music video clips, corporate videos, tv commercials, and more.

“If you are going to show your ideas to the world, do it in the most perfect possible way”

Bruna Fachetti


Bruna Fachetti is an actress, writer and certified acting coach of the Chubbuck technique for Brazil, responsible for the translation of the book The Power of the Actor into Portuguese. She has worked in campaigns, series and shows for Nespresso, SporTV, Conspiração Filmes, Globo TV. As a writer, she created a TV series for kids now in development and an animation that soon will be released as a book and is being developed as a feature by a producer in Brazil. In LA for two years, Bruna works on her next project, a movie about the impact of art in the world! “My goal is to empower the world through the arts and give voice to Latin artists”.


You'll have a fabulous and astounding experience if you end up participating in the festival. It will be one of the best decisions that you'll take as an artist. You'll see!!

If you are a professional actor, director, writer or a theater company, you’re more than welcome to submit your short play for our consideration. We encourage our artists or theater companies to submit a short play with a script, director and actors attached, but we are open to receive scripts from writers, directors looking for a script, or actors looking to be cast in a play (but our recommendation is to be proactive and bring your own idea and your own team: be creative and be yourself the one taking the decisions).

Any play participating in the festival will be performing 4 times in total, once per day from Thursday to Sunday. Each play will be performing in a program of 6 plays each. Usually each festival have around 8 programs, making around 48-50 plays per festival. The winners of each program will perform one more time in a Final Gala, the last day of the festival. As a result of that Final Gala, we’ll find out who the winners are.  

The brisk festival is a perfect platform for any artist who is looking for an audience to share her/his talent with. We have a professional jury that works on the film, TV and theater industry that besides judging the selected short pieces, they are also looking constantly for new talent. There will be press covering the festival. Also, you’ll meet other great professionals like you that will be participating in the festival. But the most important is to have a fantastic and fun experience, while sharing your stories and your talent.

We are artists and we love to give everyone an opportunity to show their talent. We know how hard it’s to be an artist nowadays, that’s why our policy is that as a participant there’s no cost involved at any time, not even when submitting your proposal/play. The only thing that we ask in return is your commitment if you’re chosen in the festival, to bring a high quality theater piece, and a great and very positive energy, 

We’d love to be able to give you some funds if you’re selected, but pitifully we have a very small budget to run the festival, and we can’t afford any compensation for your participation. Nevertheless, there is a $500 award for the winning play, and the production of a short film of a chosen play among the official ones selected. There are also small awards for the winners of the rest of the categories: Writer, Director, Actress, Actor and People’s Choice.


We'd like to hear from you. If you would like to volunteer with us, have any doubts, suggestions or you'd just like to know more about us, please send us your info and we'll be happy to answer you as soon as we can.

Phone: +1 (310) 889-4490
Address: 3942 3rd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90008 (Offices – Not theater address)

    brisk festival – 3942 3rd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA – T: +1 310 889 4490