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The brisk festival is looking for new scripts in English & Spanish for the 2022 edition. Selected scripts will be used in Los Angeles, Barcelona or Mexico Festivals, and will be available in future cities where the Festival will take place. Once the script is submitted, it becomes part of a database, and it will be classified by different categories by our submissions team.

Scripts must be no longer than 10 min, and must be a high quality original work. All types of genres are accepted: Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Farce, Melodrama, Burlesque,Thriller, Improvisation, Musical… among others.

No fees are requested for submitting any script. Please read and agree the terms and conditions on the bottom of the page. Once the script is submitted, any director participating in the Festival could choose it from the database. If the script is chosen, we’ll let you know where and when it will be performed. Please indicate in the comments area if the script has been performed before and in which venue/festival/city/year.

If you, as a writer, would like to direct your own script or perform it, then you shouldn’t submit your play through this form but through the Full Production submission page,.

If you’re ready, feel free to fill the form below. It should take you less than 5 min, but it’s important that you have your script ready with you to upload it (max file size: 5Mb).Be sure that you’re filling all the requested information and if you find any problem submitting your project, please send all the information requested in the application form and files to By doing so, you’ll become a part of our talented Brisk family and hopefully it will be picked up and brought to the stage.



    1.I am the writer or authorized person with the rights of the script, thus I consent the organizers of the brisk festival to use the script in any of the cities or editions where the festival takes place.
    2. My script should be able to be performed in less than 10 min long.
    3. If my script is selected to participate in the brisk festival I acknowledge that I will not receive any income or royalties for those performances. Nevertheless I will qualify to receive awards or any other type of incentive.
    4. In the event my script is selected, I allow the brisk festival to record it, film it or photograph it to help promote the play and the brisk festival in any type of platform or media.
    5. I understand that in order to have my script produced at the brisk festival, it may need to be adjusted to the festival needs. Any additions, omissions, or alterations in the manuscript of the play must be made with the written consent of the writer between the writer and the person submitting this proposal.
    6. All my personal details supplied on this submission form should remain confidential and should only be used by the brisk festival employees for communication purposes.
    7. If my script is selected, my name could be used for marketing purposes.
    8. I allow to translate my script to any of the languages used in the brisk festivals around the world.

    brisk festival – 3942 3rd Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA – T: +1 310 889 4490